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What Is Telehealth?

Telehealth means having a visit with your health care provider using technology so you and your child can remain at home and still receive the medical care you need. Telehealth can be done on the phone or by a video call, similar to how many of you might be using Apple FaceTime or Facebook Messenger today. We are offering telehealth visits for most outpatient services. Your health care provider will help determine if telehealth is appropriate for you. By using telehealth services, we hope to further slow the spread of COVID-19.

How Does It Work?

Genoa Medical Facilities will work with you to schedule an appointment for a phone or video visit. Video visits will be done using Zoom, a free video conferencing service, or FaceTime.

Are Telehealth Visits Covered by My Insurance?

Genoa Medical Facilities is dedicated to keeping patients safe and meeting their clinical needs using telehealth services during the pandemic. Most insurance companies and state regulations have expanded the use of telehealth (including phone visits) due to the current national state of emergency. Genoa Medical Facilities may bill your insurance for these services. It is always best to check your individual benefits if you question coverage of a certain service.

What Equipment Do I Need to Be Able to Do a Telehealth Video Visit?

You need the following to be able to participate in a telehealth video visit:

A Wi-Fi or cellular internet connection
A smartphone or a computer with working camera, microphone and speaker
Zoom or FaceTime, an application that can be downloaded to your smartphone or accessed via computer here

Are There Tips for Making Sure the Telehealth Visits Go Smoothly?

Yes. Please make sure you/your child:

Are in a quiet, private place
Are in a room with good lighting so your provider can see you
Do not have your mute button on
Use the best internet available (close all other windows or other apps)
Have a full charge on your smartphone or computer – if not, please plug it in

Will Telehealth Visits Continue to Be an Option After the COVID-19 Pandemic Has Passed?

We always want to ensure the highest quality care and safety for you/your child. We plan on offering these types of appointments in some areas, even after the COVID-19 pandemic has passed.

If you have questions about an upcoming appointment and whether telehealth can be used, or need to schedule an appointment, please contact your provider.

If you or your child needs emergency medical assistance, please call 911.